Salad of Crispy Fish and Asian Lemon Zest – Yam Piu Som Sa Gap Pla Grop

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Total time: 45 min




I N F O A classic of Thai cuisine. The concentrated smoky flavor of pla grop (crispy fish) is the perfect complement to the slight bitterness of Asian lemon. People often add a smidge of chopped cooked rind to leaf lettuce.

The leaf salad has a long tradition: canned fish is flavored with fresh kitchen herbs – for example, grilled fish (usually pla saht) with enough finely chopped green mango, shrimp paste and dried chilies, drizzled with lime juice and fish sauce. It is very common to eat a raw vegetable platter with it.

As a substitute, any kind of preserved fish or possibly crab tails are suitable, as well as lightly cured fish as in the previous recipe, or possibly even well-seasoned fresh fish – but you have to change the dressing and make it lighter to adapt it to the particular characteristics of these fish and their preparation form.

If you cannot get Asian lemon, tangelos are the ideal alternative. In some recipes watermelon is indicated, but you should only take them in high summer, when they are really good.

You can find equally crunchy Chinese celery in recipes for this leafy salad.

P a g e Boil the dressing, it should taste sour, salty and sweet.

Fillet fish and deep fry over medium heat until crispy and fragrant. Mix with the remaining ingredients, add a tiny bit of fried shallots and garlic.

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