Casserole of Cauliflower Florets with Stremel Salmon

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Total time: 45 min



Good to know:

At the market, in addition to fresh white cauliflower, there is also the green variety called Romanesco, with lacy roses.

While cabbage is quite cheap at the moment, the hot-smoked stremel salmon costs a good ten euros. But it’s easy to use and adds a subtle smoky note to the casserole. With already precooked vegetables, the baking time is reduced to 20 min. Depending on your mood, chicken soup can also be used for cooking instead of vegetable soup. A full Pinot Gris rounds off the meal.

Peel, halve and slice the potatoes and carrots, and roughly dice the onions. Cook together in the clear soup for three quarters.

Break out the roses from both cabbages, cut the stems into small pieces and similarly cook them in salted water until not quite done.

Cut the peppers into fine cubes.

Remove the skin from the Stremel salmon, cut the dark fat under the skin into small pieces. Pick the salmon apart with a fork, drizzle with lime and sprinkle with ground pepper. Mix once.

Drain the earth apple vegetables, reserving the clear soup, return the vegetables to the saucepan with a generous drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle in the diced pepper and mash the whole thing once roughly. Spread mashed potatoes evenly on the bottom of an oiled gratin dish. Sprinkle salmon pieces on top and place cabbage florets on top with the tips facing upwards.

Add whipped cream, crème fraîche and di

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