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Turn a simple, large pumpkin into a real spooky sensation!

We know that Halloween is not a typical custom in Austria, but pumpkins are absolutely anchored in our culinary tradition. So why use this beautiful vegetable only for eating, when it can also be used as a decorative element?A pumpkin looks especially spooky and beautiful when you take some time to carve different faces, scary scenes or animal motifs into its shell, perhaps together with your friends, children or grandchildren.

So be sure to join us, spend a creative and relaxing afternoon or evening carving pumpkins and show us the results.

Upload the photo of your pumpkin here and with a little luck you could win one of three pumpkin cookbooks.

Preparation Tip:

It's best to draw a stencil beforehand and draw your chosen design on the pumpkin with a felt-tip pen.

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