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Take heart and send us a photo!

The custom of gifting yourself with beautifully decorated gingerbread hearts is wonderful and should therefore not be limited to party-hungry Oktoberfest visitors.

That’s why we would be happy if you bake and decorate a gingerbread heart or two at home and upload a photo of it here.

You can decorate the heart with funny, or romantic inscriptions, or embellish it with patterns of any kind.

So join in as soon as you can, charm us with your heart photos and win the practical Emile heart baking pan.

This action runs until 05.10.2015

Preparation Tip:

Maybe you have time and desire at the Oktoberfest to be inspired by the many gingerbread hearts. It is only important to us that your gingerbread heart is really homemade, because we will put your pictures through their paces.

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