Strawberry Chocolate Stanitzel

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Total time: 30 min

For the mass of hips:

For the strawberry cream:


For the stanitzels, use a template to draw a circle about 18 cm in diameter on thin cardboard and cut it out. Brush a baking tray with melted butter, dust lightly with flour and preheat the oven to 200 °C.

Heat the butter and mix with the remaining ingredients until the mixture is creamy and spreadable. Chill for 10 minutes, mix well again, use a pastry card to spread thin sticks on the baking sheet using a template, bake at approx. 200 °C for 10 minutes until golden brown and place hot over a stanitzel wood (round cone).

Remove, let the stanitzels cool and spread with chocolate when cold.

For the strawberry cream, mix the strawberry puree with sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon juice and yogurt. Whip the cream with the cream stiffener and carefully fold into the strawberry mixture. Pour the strawberry cream into a pastry bag and fill the stanitzels with it.

Preparation Tip:

Garnish the stanitzels with some fresh strawberry pieces.

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