Poppy Seed Chocolate Slice

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Total time: 1 hour



Poppy seed mass:

Poppy seed chocolate cream:

Topping and garnish:


1 Preheat baking oven to 160 °C. Cover a baking tray (with a high edge) with baking paper.2 For the poppy seed mixture, separate the eggs into yolks and clear. Cream butter with a pinch of salt, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar and grated orange and lemon zest. Gradually beat in yolks. Mix in poppy seeds and almonds. Beat egg whites with granulated sugar until creamy and fold into poppy seed mixture.3 Spread mixture evenly on half of baking sheet (approx. 20 x 15 cm) and bake in oven (middle rack) for approx. 20 minutes. Remove from oven, place on a plate (should fit in the refrigerator) and let cool.4 For the cream, soak gelatin in cold water. Cut chocolate into small pieces and melt over steam. Whisk egg over a second hot water bath until thick and creamy, remove from steam and dissolve squeezed gelatin in it. Stir in the chocolate and allow the mixture to cool briefly.5 Whip the cream and fold in. Spread the cream evenly over the poppy seed chocolate cake and refrigerate for about 6 hours to set.6 For the garnish, halve and pit the apricots, gently mix with lemon juice and preserving sugar and pour into a baking dish. Cover fruit with aluminum foil and steam in a 160 °C oven (middle rack) for about 10 minutes. Remove fruit from oven and let cool.Drain 7 apricots well and place on top of cake. Sprinkle cake with chocolate chips and cut into slices.

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