Potato Gratin with Spinach

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)



A wonderful potato dish, which, by the way, is not only delicious as a side dish, but can also make guests happy on its own. In this case, you could additionally sprinkle grated cheese on the spinach layer and also bring a large baking bowl of leaf salad to the table with it.

Remove the peel from the potatoes, slice them into 3 millimeter thick slices (so not too thin), blanch them in plenty of salted water for about five minutes. Drain, spread half of them evenly in a buttered dish. Season with pepper and – if the cooking water was not abundantly salted – also with a little bit of salt and generously with nutmeg.

Select the spinach very carefully, remove all thick stems, rinse the leaves a few times and very thoroughly. Those who have a salad washer are well off – just spin the leaves around in it for a while and then spin them out. Drop the spinach in enough boiling hot salted water – drain it after only a minute, rinse it when cool so that the leaves keep their beautiful green color, and spread it evenly on the bed of potatoes. Also season: to do this, squeeze the garlic through the press, mix it with olive oil, a little salt and pepper and evenly sprinkle it on the spinach.

Also grate nutmeg over it.

Finally, spread the remaining potato slices evenly over the spinach, making sure to cover the surface of the spinach.

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