Lamb Leg Ragout with Shallots and Carrots

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Total time: 1 hour



Cut lamb leg into pieces that are not too large and not too thin. Mix coarsely chopped herbs with oil and marinate the meat covered with it overnight in a cool place. Then season the meat, which has warmed to room temperature, with salt and pepper, fry it briefly in a hot pan (preferably with a thick bottom) rather in small batches in hot oil and let it rest on a lukewarm plate. Deglaze the pan with a little red wine and add lamb stock. Mix in braised shallots and cooked carrot slices. Add the meat juices that settle on the plate, season to taste and thicken with cold pieces of butter as needed. Add the browned, semi-raw pieces of meat to the hot sauce, set aside after the initial boil and allow to simmer on low heat (or next to the stove top), covered, for only about 4-5 minutes. (Do not bring to a boil again, meat would become hard).

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