Mole Poblano

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Total time: 45 min

The meat:

Chocolate spice sauce "Mole Poblano:



A dish from Puebla, Mexico (the Vw bug city). The dish, which originated in Puebla, is now popular throughout Mexico and the southern states of the Usa. The delicious thing about the mole is the chocolate that gives it that special touch.

The mole is made in stock. With pleasure you will serve the dish yourself and soon invite friends to dinner, to whom you can bring to the table from your stock.

The meat In the original as a feast you buy a turkey and roast it ready to serve in the oven or roasting pot. Take a good piece for each person without skin and bones. Alternatively, you can also simmer the turkey for about One hour in a saucepan on low heat. Add a few pieces of root vegetables or greens, salt and pepper, and you’ll have clear soup for the mole right away. In everyday life, the Mexican often eats the Mole Poblana with chicken or chicken meat.

This can be prepared in the same way as the turkey. However, you can also bring a grilled chicken from the chicken fry station at the supermarket and serve it as above.

The chocolate spice sauce “Mole Poblano” chilies (buy a mix of low to good spicy chilies (not regular peppers) like you can buy at the market or often at the Turkish vegetable store. The chocolate sauce swallows up much of the spiciness. Mexicans serve very hot chilies. They should be e

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