Mead in 5-6 Weeks

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 10.0 (servings)



1 yeast starter culture in a quarter liter of apple juice (without preservation) form and stand. This will propagate and activate the yeast. Bring 7 l of water to a boil and cool to 50 °C. Heat 3 kg of honey also to 50 °C and mix with the water. If you have an Öchsle scale, you should set the mead to 120 °C Öchsle, which gives a good 12-14 percent alcohol.

Add a grated apple, 6 crushed tablets of yeast nutrient salt and 20g of flour form. Then add 60 ml of lactic acid. Once the mixture has cooled to 20 degrees, add the Dampfl and mix well. Form into a glass carboy and seal with fermentation tubes.

This mead will soon ferment quite strongly and after about 5-6 weeks will be like a Federweisser: no longer quite sweet, with a little alcohol and a lot of carbonic acid. Lightly chilled it is a great drink. You can also make a small batch with a correspondingly smaller content, e.g. in a large wine bottle with a capacity of 2-5 liters.

After 8 weeks at the latest, this mead is completely fermented, and very sour, apparently just as a little bit bitter. The bitter pleasant taste is actually a deception, because the lack of sugar and the alcohol cause this misconception. So: drink quickly, it is just as certainly not difficult. For the amateur winemaker, unfortunately, it is not possible to gently interrupt the fermentation. Methods from the Gross practice are not applicable here, too expensive respectively bad to handle.

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