Orange Cream in Sponge Cake Coating

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (Portionen)

Sponge cake:

Almond sponge cake:




Mix all the ingredients for the cocoa mixture and spread a rectangle of about 25 x 30 cm on a baking mat. Make a stripe pattern with a spoon.

Almond sponge:

Mix almond kernels, 40 g egg, sugar, egg yolks, flour and butter until well blended and fluffy. Whip egg whites with 25 g sugar until stiff and fold into almond mixture.

Spread the almond sponge mixture on the cocoa mixture and let it rest for about 5 min. Bake at 220 degrees in a heated oven for about 8 minutes until light.

After baking, sprinkle the sponge with the finely ground almond kernels and remove from the baking mat onto a cutting board.

Cut into 4 strips 3 cm wide with a sharp kitchen knife.

The length of the strips depends on the diameter of the rings.

Orange cream:

Whip the yolks with the powdered sugar as well as the orange juice over a water bath until creamy, and let the gelatine, which has been soaked in cold water beforehand, melt in the amount. Now add the Cointreau and stir the egg yolk-dusted sugar mixture on iced water until cooled.

In the meantime, whip the whipped cream until stiff. Likewise the egg white with 10 g sugar. Then whisk until smooth and gently fold in the whipped cream and egg whites. Fill the cream into the sponge lined rings and put it again in the fridge until it gets firm.

Fillet the oranges and collect the resulting juice.

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