Brown Trout in Dill Coat with Honey-Mustard Carrots From the Steamer

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Total time: 45 min



For the brown trout wrapped in dill with honey-mustard carrots, finely chop half a clove of garlic, mix with a little olive oil and leave to infuse.

Peel the carrots and cut into medium-thick, diagonal slices. Steam them in an unperforated container at 100°C for 15 minutes.In the meantime, make a sauce by mixing Dijon mustard, honey, coriander seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Cover the cooked carrots with the sauce and leave to infuse briefly.

Sprinkle the fish fillets with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Steam at 90°C for 5 minutes and finely chop the dill. Brush the fillets with the olive oil-garlic mixture and sprinkle with plenty of chopped dill.

Serve the finished steamed brown trout coated in dill with the honey-mustard carrots.

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A wonderfully light brown trout recipe

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